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How to rank videos on google fast – 7 Min. or Less! Tutorial

How to rank videos on google fast

Ivana here, and today we are going to do a tutorial on how to rank videos on google fast.

Since I am not 100% sure where you are at with your online marketing skills, this will be a newbie friendly tutorial on how to rank videos on google fast.  Please keep in mind, I will show you how to profit from those as well. So let’s begin.

how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast

First things first, Let me show you the recent results from 1 video and it took me just a few minutes to rank… In addition, I will share with you how I managed to keep the rank.


how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast


How to rank videos on google fast

How to rank videos on google fast


As you can see from the results, my video is #1 for my buyer keywords.

Also, these videos also bring in commissions. Take a look at the proof.


how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast


As you can see you can earn money from videos, you just need to be consistent.  So let’s begin with the tutorial.


Focus on the right traffic!

First things first!  You have to know what you need to focus on.  Most people are focusing on the wrong type of traffic and they don’t get the results. So we will be focusing on the buyer traffic.  What is it?  FREE xyz  is NOT the right type of traffic. However, if they are typing in product name + review, that is the right kind of traffic. OR you can do product name + coupon code or product name + discount code.  Those are buyer keywords.


Let me show you an example:

how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast


Now that we have established that…Let’s move onto the next step.


Step #1 – Finding the product to promote/recommend!

The product you are searching for needs to have two things… #1 HIGH conversion rates as well as high EPC’s. To find those, you need to request your links form the vendors on JVzoo and Wplus. Obviously, this will work for other products as well, but as I am primarily in the IM niche, I will share those. One site you need to get yourself familiar with is

This site has new and upcoming launches for those two major platforms and many others. 

The next step is to go over to Just in the case, you are new to it, get one here – set one up at this link! 

Go over to the Top Sellers List.  By going through top sellers, scan to see which are selling the best.  Next step is to apply for the links.

Getting links is not that easy…BUT, if you explain your position and why you are requestioned those,  and how you plan to promote, you should be fine.  If you ask them to put you on a delayed commission, most vendors will approve you without problems. 

Of course, you can go over to Warrior Plus and repeat the same process!


Step #2 – Reviewing the product!


Ok, what is important to do now is create a product review and offer some bonuses as well.  Remember we need to rank #1 on google for buyer keywords.    Bonuses you can find on site such as resell rights weekly! 


Review of the product should have these things included:
  1. What is the product all about
  2. A sample of the sales page
  3. If there are any upsells
  4. Bonuses you are giving away if they purchase through your link
  5. Call to action

All those details you can find by finding JV page of each product.

how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast


As you can see, right at the bottom, there is a link for JV page, where you get all the details of the product, funnel and to get in touch with the creator of the course.


You can create your videos with Camtasia or ScreenCast o Matic (the second option is free or very inexpensive)


Step #3 – Find out if there are any coupon codes available!


This is an overlooked step as most people are ranking for product name review keywords, while product name coupon code is actually even better…Those are ready to go buyers.


To know if a product creator is offering a coupon code. You need to do this:


Go over to the sales page, scan to see if they are offering any coupon codes.  IF none are visible, next research step is as follows:


Click at the checkout and see if there is – under step 2 a coupon code option.

How to rank videos on google fast

How to rank videos on google fast

If there is, contact the vendor to get that code… Approaching most vendors is easy, as they have their details listed on JV page.


Step #4 – Prepare optimization


Next step is to optimize your videos.


1st think of keywords you want to rank for.  Buyer keywords are:

XYZ Product Name Review

Review of xyz product

xyz product coupon code

xyz product discount code.


Once you have your keyword selected, the next step is to create an image using Canva.

Make it stand out such as this one:

How to rank videos on google fast

How to rank videos on google fast


Name your image the same as your product keywords.  Write a short description of the product.


The description should have:

In the 1st sentence, your keywords mentioned.  Call to action URL.  (don’t use direct affiliate linking, you are better off to cloak it with tiny url: (or something like that)


A brief description of the product.

Ask your subscribers to subscribe to your channel.

Also, you should have as many tags in there but start with those you initially want to rank for.

Go over to YOUtube… Search for your competitor’s video…The one that is ranking #1 – for example, xyz product review.


Save the youtube video URL as all and add it under your description at the bottom.   (will explain later why)


Step #5 – Rank your video in 10 min or less!


Now we are getting to a really good part… One know fact is that Google ranks their properties fast.   And they LOVE to rank live events.


So set up my live youtube events  using Live Event Blaster 2.0

It is a software that lets you quickly and without hassle rank #1 for keywords you selected.

Actually just to prove to you…I live streamed this video below 7 minutes ago, and it is already ranking on the page #1. As you can see, I am 4th result on the 1st page of Google.  YES, in just 7 minutes!


how to rank videos in google fast

how to rank videos in google fast

Here is the full video on how it all works!



Now, using all the steps above, you need to use Live Event Blaster 2 to actually get going with this ( – If you don’t own a copy – you can get one for 10% off.  Use IVANAVIP coupon code at the checkout!).  BUT, there is one more step, before you actually upload your video.


Next step is when your video is created… you need to right click on the video.  And click on the properties.


how to rank videos on google fast

how to rank videos on google fast

Now, do all of this by adding the description into Live Event Blaster 2.  These steps are essential to rank #1 on google.


Step #6 – Make sure they STICK!

While live events can STICK on the top of the results, sometimes they drop down.  And that can make people really frustrated.  NOT to worry! We have a very simple solution for that.  🙂 Off page backlinks.

There are many pages you can get backlinks from…but the one I found the most affordable is site called

All you need to do is get some social backlinks and your rankings will in most cases stick for a long time.


Step #7 – This helps a great deal!

When you record your videos and live stream them, you have the ability to share these videos from Youtube directly. Make sure you do that.  So you see how you have the share button below, that is what I mean…use that first to get some initial backlinks. Sometimes those help you to rank and stay there. 


How to rank videos on google fast

How to rank videos on google fast





1st why did we search for that extra URL from YouTube from a competitor?  It gives you extra traffic by showing YOUR video in the recommended videos section on the right-hand side.

How to rank videos on google fast 12

How to rank videos on google fast 12


Now…how to make passive income from this…


Also, it seems like most people get stuck by creating one video and think they will profit in the long run. Keep in mind, for passive income, you need to have multiple videos ranking… So, my recommendation is to start creating 2 videos daily following these steps above, and you will see results for sure.


Start to offer this to offline business and charge them $97-$197/ ranked video.


This tutorial was created with newbies in mind. Therefore, feel free to share this post further to help newbies get started online. 


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below.


This will conclude my tutorial on how to rank videos on Google fast. I hope you have enjoyed it. And that it was easy to follow. Don’t forget to bookmark it so you can come back to it when you do need it. 

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