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Drop Gecko Review | This Beats Shopify

Drop Gecko Review

In this Drop Gecko Review, I am going to explain why this is one of the best products for Ecommerce and why it beats Shopify (in my opinion) 😉


What is Drop Gecko?

I’ve had a chance to play with Drop Gecko. This is an instant E-commerce store building technology which is awesome for anyone who wants to get into selling physical products online. The upside to it is, that it does not require you to do any design work or host your site, or even source products.  The whole store is built with just a couple of clicks.

It is stored on cloud-based which means it does not require you to have any hosting. PLUS it integrates directly with 1000’s of product suppliers in any niche.  You can upload the list of products you want to import and adjust your profit margins.

Drop Gecko Review


What is the BEST part about the Drop Gecko?

The best part is, they have a chrome extension with provides super smooth 1-click order fulfillment.  This means you don’t have to fill out ANYTHING yourself.  It is done for you with 1 click!

How hard is it to use?

Super easy!  I will, later on, show you a full video walkthrough of the store, and inside look of the software so you don’t have to take my word for it, but actually see that it really is as I said.  SUPER easy.


How does it work?

The image below will illustrate that, but let me give you a walk-through. 1st step is to choose your product, the second step is to sell it, the third step is that customer pays you, the fourth step is you send the details to fulfill the order you have. And the 5th step is, wholesaler sends it in your name.

Drop Gecko Review

Drop Gecko Review

Is there a video walkthrough available?

As I mentioned before, YES there is. Here is the complete video walkthrough available with the quick demo of the software.

Once set up what task do you need to do?

SIMPLE, you just need to drive traffic to it.  There are some free traffic methods you can implement and paid methods as well.  It is not too hard.  Part of the bonus package that we have, we are including you are getting traffic strategies you can use to generate sales.

Is there something you did not like about it?

Yes, there is not an option to integrate your own domain on it. Which means you have to use the drop gecko domain. The benefit is, that you do not have to buy the domain, but I always feel it is nice to have your own assets on your own domain.

Are there any bonuses included?

YES, I’ve included bonuses bonuses


Traffic as Little as $.002 Per click in any niche













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Drop Gecko Review

Drop Gecko Review

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Drop Gecko


Easy to Use




Newbie friendly!



  • I've used Shopify stores below, and I found this software to be THE Best and very simple to use.


  • You do not get your own domain integration, it is based on their domain.

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