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CPA Pirate Review

CPA Pirate Review

Find out in my CPA pirate review what I liked, what I did not like about CPA Pirate. Maybe you don’t agree, so first things first.

Because CPA pirate sales page might be misleading or not as clear, in my CPA pirate review I will clear up any questions you might have.

What is a CPA Pirate?

CPA PIRATE” is a step by step video training that shows you how to make stable online income with the CPA marketing.

cpa pirate review

cpa pirate review


This is a newbie friendly course which is backed up by real results. It shows you method on how to drive traffic from Youtube – multiple ways and turns that traffic into CPA cash.


Pallab, who is the creator of this course uses this in his business and is able to make $332.25/day in total passive income.

What is the downside to the course (in my opinion)?

What I personally did not like and I will disclose that in this CPA pirate review is the fact that PDF is not included.  I personally prefer going through PDF before watching the videos.  PDF for me is an overview, a quick look into the strategy.


cpa pirate review

cpa pirate review


Now, besides not liking the fact that PDF was not there to quickly go through the product. I found this one to be an awesome one.

What is included in the course?

This course has a total of 22 videos. Over the shoulder videos, I might add. It explains everything in detailed.  How to pick the offer. How to set up your campaigns.  A detailed explanation of each method you can use.  It also includes how to steal organic traffic from others. Plus there are bonuses included as well.

The best part about the course?

Things wouldn’t be fair in the CPA pirate review if I did not mention one thing. And that is what I actually liked the most about it. It is the fact that they even showed you how to optimize and tweak your ads… This is important to know so you can spend less on your campaigns and make 5x more from them.


cpa pirate review

cpa pirate review

Some of the great things about this course are:

Many advanced strategies require you to create your own product, this one does not.

With this method, you do not need to do any direct selling

It does not require you to do any complicated seo strategies.

No loopholes, or shady strategies.

It is 100% ethical, legal and it works.

cpa pirate review

cpa pirate review

Of course this cpa pirate review would not be complete if I did not share inside look of this powerful strategy.

Watch this video now!

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Now, when you look at the sales page of CPA Pirate it will state that you can make $332.25 but I have to say, you can make as much as you want to really. What I do want to stress is… No matter what, you should always focus on list building as well.  I know many online marketers mention that you should be building a list, that it is kind of old news…BUT if you focus your efforts on that, no matter what traffic strategy you decide to use, in the long run, it will get you the most money.

One more thing…

Are there any upsells?  Here is what those are:

The first oto is a $25-27 Case Study Pack.

The second oto is priced at $25-27 DFY platinum Pack

Oto number three is a $47-67 reseller’s license pack

The last oto is priced at $197 6 coaching calls


If you purchase through my exclusive link, you will be getting these bonuses as well!


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Case Study – $1375.85 profits in under 5 days with 100% Free Traffic!

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 Get the copy of CPA Pirate Through My Exclusive Link Right Here!



CPA Pirate Review


Simple to use method!


Works 100% guaranteed, I use it in my business!


Newbie friendly!


Over the shoulder video training!



  • Easy to Implement Training
  • You can get started with zero out of the pocket expense


  • Lacking PDF Format training. I prefer to learn both ways.
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