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Ivana Bosnjak and I’ve been online Entrepreneur since 2007.  Here and there I did take a little time off, but overall, I’ve been building my online income streams. I currently live in Europe while my business is registered in the United States.  That is the power of internet marketing  🙂 You really can do this from anywhere.

I also am a mom of two. Boy and a girl…  Since they turned 3 and 5, I’ve been raising them on my own… and honestly, Without my online business, I am not sure how I would have been able to manage it all. It gives me the flexibility. It provides for our lifestyle.


My initial start online was actually selling on eBay and at the time, I was still in the US, but I’ve realized that I still had to ship some inventory to my customers… which did not give me the freedom to live where I want and work from anywhere in the world… As long as I have Internet connection :).


So after some research, I stumbled upon affiliate marketing…and it seemed like a perfect avenue for me… However, getting to my first commission did not happen overnight… It took me 8 weeks to make my first commission and that commission was $67. Yes, I still remember it and I remember which product it was from. And it was proof enough that this affiliate marketing thing actually worked.  🙂


From that moment on, I set up more sales funnels, built more lists, build 6 figure recurring income streams, had it crash on me too, rinsed and repeated to achieve success again while being more in control of what I do. I’ve learned a lot from every single experience and pushed more to achieve the reputation of high-quality product creator, superstar affiliate marketer and many in our online marketing community now call me their sister 🙂 .


There are so many different ways to run an online business.  But it really comes down to getting targeted traffic and turning your traffic into leads and sales.  Being that I’ve tried many different sources of traffic, for me it works the best when I use multiple traffic sources to get sales. I actually explain everything that I do inside of Ivana’s Club.


Also, since you are reading this post… You can become a member of my mastermind group. free to join 🙂  Here is the link for that!


Now… why this site… As you just saw…I’ve been through MANY different online marketing strategies…I’ve done the work, succeeded, failed, succeeded again… When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, Service Business, Software selling, I KNOW it. I’ve done it. And I can spot a fake from a mile away.  This site is going to help you choose the products you should get, and those you should avoid.


I do release products as well as recommend others to you.  Some of my hottest product releases are: Viral FB CommissionsAd Target Drill, Commission Drill, Sense Drill, Emergency Cash Booster,


I also provide quality bonuses with each purchase that you make through any of my affiliate links.


Some of these bonuses are my previous products of the day, my case studies, or quality products I’ve purchased along the way that I have rights to give to you.


If you would like to know EXACTLY what I do in my business.  Get access to 30 messages that show you EXACTLY how I pulled in 134K last year at no cost!


Looking forward to getting to know you and helping you succeed at Internet Marketing!




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